The Team

Alex Christou

Hi, I’m Alex, from Tamworth, and I specialise in making Advertisements and short films. Since going to a school specialising in Digital Arts, I have seen my passion in film making grow, and adore making products for people and small businesses, helping them and their business to flourish. I believe hearing the customers input, and working with them is the most important thing when producing films, as having the same understanding for the project, results in a stronger finished product. I strive to not only match the customers expectations, but surpass them. I have worked in a variety of roles in the media industry such as; filming and editing football matches for Tamworth F.C; producing short films for Duke of Edinburgh leaders; filming and doing photography for theatrical shows at local theatre groups; many advertisements, short films and much more. I also have a certified ‘Coronavirus basic awareness on production training’ to continue to work during the pandemic. 

Make sure to drop an E-Mail to see what I can do for you.

I look forward to working with you soon. 

Luis Tapia

Hi my name is Luis, from Coventry and I’ve being in education in tv and film for the past 4 years taking part in many professional opportunities and making content for many different occasions. I specialise in photography and film making, with a large portfolio of photos from concerts and performances, additionally directing Multicam shows and short films. I have a passion for creating content too the best of my ability and challenging myself too try different things too make my results appear  individual. I also heavily believe in creating a clients vision the way they see it and perhaps a little more. I have worked on many products such as presenting for BOA-TV and B2 Radio, taking photographs for music concerts and headshots for actors and actresses; producing and directing many short films. Additionally have worked with actors for many years ,being one myself performing at the TATE modern in London and shadowing directors for many theatre performances. 

I look forward to working with you, contact us too see what I can help with. 


To create new, innovative media products that are unlike any other.


To help small businesses grow through the use of short films, advertisements, social media, etc.